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At Energy Search we are switched ON!

  • Energy Procurement

  • Energy Reporting

  • Usage Analysis & Optimisation

  • Network Analysis

  • Generation Evaluation

  • Energy Efficiency Evaluation

  • Project Evaluation

  • Energy Analysis




Do you find your business' energy expenses;  
  • Are always increasing
  • Difficult to understand?
We are independent business energy consultants who work with our clients to better manage and understand their Electricity & Gas expenses.
We adopt an analytical approach with a focus on all drivers of cost. This includes;
  • Retail Costs (contracts)
  • Network Costs
  • Usage
  • and the interaction between each
Our strengths are;
  • Understanding the detail
  • Experience working with some of Australia's largest energy users
  • Experience in senior positions within major energy companies
  • Independent / Analytical approach
We don't sell solutions, we identify them and help implement ones that make sense.
Contact us today to find out more.
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