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Your Bill


Although every customer is different we like to summarise energy costs into three key drivers:


  1. Retail

  2. Network

  3. Usage


In simplistic terms our service is about minimising and co-optimising these three inputs to reduce our clients cost. The following sections provides a summary of each.



Retail costs are what you agree in a contract with an Energy Retailer.


This includes the cost of the underlying commodity, renewable / energy efficiency schemes and the retailers admin costs. Electricity and most renewable / energy efficiency schemes costs are dynamic and move in line with underlying markets.


Evaluating contract options and terms and undertaking a regular review are vital.



In simplistic terms this represents the cost of transporting the energy from its source to your business where you consume electricity or gas. How you are charged for network costs depends on your location (network area) and the tariff you are on.


Costs can be driven by total usage in a period, maximum usage in a period, a fixed charge or varying combinations of each depending on your tariff and location.



As outlined above Retail and Network costs are the two main components you see on an electricity or gas bill. The rates you agree in a contract with a retailer and your network structure are key drivers in what you pay.


The third key component is your usage. Both retail and network components are mainly variable costs that are driven by how much you use. This can be a function of:


  • Total usage

  • When you use

  • Your maximum usage

  • A combination of all of the above.


If  you are able to alter your usage through behavioural change, equiptment replacement or implementation of efficiency measures you are able to significanlt alter cost.

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