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Smart Buying (Procurement)


We operate a structured and transparent procurement process with a focus on minimising cost / risk and eliminating administrative burden. Key features include:


  • Establishing an Energy Plan, that provides a road map for how our client manages their contracting. Improves transparency and focuses decision making.


  • Competitive tender process across a broad selection of retailers, focusing on both multiple time periods and varying contractual terms.


  • Comprehensive tender analysis, with a focus on both forecast cost and key contractual terms. Provide the full picture for the client to make an informed decision.


  • We reduce administrative burden by managing application and any rollover process. We also provide ongoing administrative support for roll in's/outs or ad hoc issues.

Energy Monitoring


For large market sites we monitor usage through a regular monthly report. This report:


  • Checks that you are being billed correctly, where we identify and resolve any anomolies.


  • Analyses usage on a historic, intra month and intra day basis to identify trends or anomolies that present either opportunities or issues for further investigation.


  • Analyse key network factors i.e. max demand and tariff suitability. Identify opportunities or issues for further investigation.


  • Monitor any behavioural, network, efficiency or generation changes implemented.

Network Analysis / Optimisation


We undertake comprehensive network reviews to identify opportunities for network savings. Where applicable we also facilitate implementation of these changes. Reviews include;


  • Tariff analysis. Are there opportunities to save by changing tariff.


  • Maximum demand analysis. Identify opportunities to revise maximum demands to drive network savings.


  • Identify viable Power Factor Correction investment opportunities.


  • For complex network cases (new connections etc) we may engage third party specialists.

Usage Analysis / Optimisation


We undertake initial and ongoing review of your usage to identify;


  • Opportunities to make behavioural change to drive either retail or network savings.


  • Opportunities to make mechanised change to drive either retail or network savings.


  • Potential issues for investigation i.e. equiptment failure, equiptment performance.


  • Opportunities for energy efficiency or generation investment projects.


  • Demand management opportunities.


Energy Efficiency / Generation Evaluation


Identify and evaluate viable energy efficiency and generation opportunities for clients. This includes solar, LED's and HVAC projects.


  • We identify opportunities.


  • Develop indicative business cases


  • Run a competitive tender process on your behalf. Alternatively you can use one of our preferred suppliers.


  • For large / complex projects we may engage third party specialist resources to assist with the process.


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