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Australian Energy Broker and Advisor who works with businesses of all sizes to help better manage their electricity and gas expenses. We focus on reducing our clients;
  • Cost
  • Risk
  • Administrative burden
So they can focus on what's most important in their business.
Energy markets are complex and constantly changing which presents opportunity for those prepared and risk for those not.
At Energy Search we're highly experienced industry professionals, well equipped to help you navigate the challenging landscape.
                               Why Energy Search
At Energy Search we are switched on!
Having worked with businesses of all sizes along with significant senior commercial experience in a major Australian energy company we have a valuable two sided perspective.
  • We understand the language, we understand the detail
  • Highly analytical approach - powerful tools / technology
  • Broad relationships, well informed - highly engaged
  • Passion for making a difference to our clients
To find out more please contact us today!
                                    Our Service
Three main drivers of energy cost (1) Retail (2) Network (3) Usage. Our service is about minimising and co-optimising these three inputs to reduce our clients cost / risk.
Each business is different so we offer a customised / comprehensive service that includes:
  • Smart Buying (Contract Procurement)
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Network Analysis / Optimsation
  • Usage Analysis / Optimisation
  • Energy Efficiency / Generation Evaluation
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