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If you register as a Partner of the Energy Search Service you are confirming that you have read and agreed to these terms ("Terms of Use"). Fruugal Pty Ltd trading as Energy Search ("Energy Search") from time to time may change these Terms of Use. You will be advised of any changes by email to the address provided in the registration and have the opportunity to cancel your registration at any time.
By registering as a Partner of the Energy Search Service you are providing consent for Energy Search to represent your organisation, franchise, association, league or club as a member of our Service in our negotiations with the Energy Retailers. In our negotiations with the retailers we will provide your:
* Organisation Name
* Approval Contact
* Approval Position
* Member / client numbers by state
Under the terms of our negotiations with the Energy Retailers they can not use you or your members details for any other reason than pricing Energy Search Service offers.
By registering for the Energy Search Service, you and your members are not obligated to accept any offers that we present.
The term of this agreement is for a period of two (2) years from the date of your registration. You can cancel your registration at any time by emailing or phone 1300 33 26 15.
There is no obligation for members to accept any offers we present, nor does it restrict you from entering into any other agreements or arrangements with respect to your Electricity and Gas Supply.
Energy Search will approach various Energy Retailers, with the purpose of negotiating the best offer for the members of the Service as a whole.
Energy Search receives commissions ("Success Fee") from third party providers of goods and services.
Energy Search approaches all negotiations with Energy Retailers with a set commission per customer.
Customers are not required to pay Energy Search for this service.
Affiliate Agreement
Any financial agreement between Energy Search and our partner will be confirmed in a separate Affiliate agreement.
Any offer Energy Search presents as part of the Service does not constitute a specific recommedation or guarantee. Any information or calculations provided are presented to assist you and your members / clients in making your decision and are for information purposes only. 
Before accepting the offer, you and your members should check to see if you incur any fees for exiting your arrangement with your current retailer and take this into consideration when deciding whether to switch providers. Energy Search may provide a guide of fees incurred but does not take responsibility for the accuracy of these fees.
Energy Search takes no responsibility for the application process or ongoing service of the Energy Retailers for which we present offers.
Retailer Relationship
Energy Search takes no responsibility for you or your members interaction or experience with the Energy Retailers for which we present offer/s. As part of our negotiation process with the Energy Retailers we take into consideration factors outside of price (including but not limited to customer experience, administration and billing) but will take no responsibility for any adverse experience (if any) that you or you members may incur.
Presentation of your Logo
If you give us authority to represent our partnership on our website ( we may present your logo and some basic details on the partners page. This authority can be cancelled at anytime by advising us via email to
Energy Search takes you and your members / clients privacy very seriously. Energy Search may provide your businesses details to third party product providers, however only for the purpose of obtaining an Energy Offer and facilitating the switch of Energy Providers. For more information on this commitment please read our Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use - Partnerhsips

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